Organization Effectiveness

Agility is the key to success.

Agility is the key to success in today's fast-paced and complex market. Your organization must be nimble and flexible in order to anticipate and respond quickly to new opportunities and threats. The first step to becoming more agile is assessing how well your organization aligns with your strategy, and creating a plan to address gaps in structure, roles, processes and capabilities.

BPI group provides a comprehensive perspective on organization effectiveness, bringing expertise on structure, roles, processes, talent, technology, rewards and culture. We help clients utilize the right organizational levers at the right time, including:

  • Modifying organization structure and roles to increase focus on the highest-value activities
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities to ensure individuals and teams drive results
  • Streamlining work processes to drive greater efficiency, effectiveness and communication
  • Building critical skills and capabilities and creating valuable development and career progression opportunities

Organization Effectiveness Assessment

Our proven approach begins with a holistic assessment of your organization's current effectiveness, identifying key opportunities to align organizational levers with your business objectives. Following an assessment, we develop and implement pragmatic solutions in the following areas:



  • Organization Design: A process to help you build the right structure, roles, processes and capabilities to drive your strategy
  • Role Design & Clarification: Identifying critical activities, who should perform them and how to allocate work in your organization. This process may involve detailed activity analysis, depending on your needs.
  • Process Improvement: Redesigning processes for increased effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Strategic Workforce Planning: Helping you to assess your talent needs, and build a strong talent pipeline to meet future demand for key skills & capabilities. We approach workforce planning comprehensively, to ensure each element of your talent management strategy, including succession planning and leadership development, builds toward your ultimate goal.
  • Culture Change & Integration: Working with you to determine how your organizational culture may need to shift to support your strategy, particularly after a transformational change like a merger, acquisition or divestment.

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