Career Development

Focusing on the next step.

Career development is a crucial part of any organization’s talent management strategy, impacting employee satisfaction and performance, retention and succession. We provide thoughtful career development programs to help you increase employee and organizational success.

BPI group’s career development services are grounded in our philosophy of Shared Success – that sustainable success requires the needs and offer of an organization to be balanced with the needs and offer of the employee. Our approach equips individuals to understand, align and connect their own personal needs and offer with the needs and offer of your organization as a whole. This alignment builds energy, engagement, and focus, leading to greater performance.

Shared Success Career Development

A program to help employees and managers increase connection, commitment and alignment, by clarifying needs, and identifying critical development goals.

We guide each employee through a self-assessment process to gain a clearer understanding of their strengths, capabilities and career objectives, and how to best leverage those strengths and meet their objectives within the organization. The program culminates in a personal career action plan for each individual.

Your organization benefits from improved engagement, increased collaboration between managers and employees, and enhanced succession planning and employee mobility efforts. Our approach can be customized to meet your organization’s needs – whether you require a 1-day workshop or implementation of a long-term development program.

Contact us to learn more about how our career development programs can help you improve results.



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