Executive Coaching & Assessment

Developing executive and high-potential talent.

Supporting the development of current leaders and nurturing future leaders is not only a competitive advantage, it’s an organizational necessity. We partner with you to provide customized executive and high-potential coaching to enhance both individual and organizational performance.

BPI group’s executive coaching programs are business-oriented and focused on results – ensuring that both the organization and the individual see an ROI through improved alignment, focus and performance. Our approach is flexible and scalable, meaning we can meet your need at any level, anywhere in the world.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching requires a close, integrity-driven partnership between the coach and the client. Confidentiality and trust foster our collaborative process of guided change, to help each individual reach their goals. Our highly-skilled coaches partner with each client to discover new possibilities for their work life, plan actions around a new vision, and remove any barriers that prevent change. Executive coaching programs are an ongoing process, typically lasting six to twelve months.

High-Potential Coaching

High-Potential development is critical to ensuring sustainable organizational success. Our high-potential development programs are tailored to meet the needs of both the individual and the organization. High-potential individuals benefit from a stronger connection to the organization and its future strategy; targeted development opportunities; and an increased ability to achieve results, ensuring career success. Organizations implementing high-potential development programs benefit from a strengthened leadership bench; alignment of leadership development with the corporate strategy; improved retention; and increased capabilities of the organization’s leaders now and into the future.





We approach assessment and development planning holistically and pragmatically, taking into consideration both your organization's business environment and the individual leadership role. Our focus is providing actionable feedback and development support, to help leaders understand how to operate more effectively in your organization. We offer a suite of psychometric assessments (personality) and behavioral assessments, including the MBTI, Hogan Development Survey, SHL Occupational Personality and Motivation Questionnaires, SHL Verify Series, GMA Abstract and others.

Contact us to learn more about how executive coaching, high-potential coaching, and assessment can help you can improve individual and organizational performance.

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