The positive approach to restructuring.

Whether you are facing a restructuring, a merger or acquisition, reorganization, off-shoring, repositioning, relocation, or a facility closure, we are here to help you create positive, sustainable results from organizational change.

We partner with you to drive an integrated change process from beginning to end. From initial analysis and strategy, to implementation and evaluation of results, we are with you every step of the way. We focus on your organization's business objectives, while bringing sensitivity to the human side of the restructuring process. Our expertise will help you find coherence among the varied economic, organizational, legal, and social aspects of restructuring.

Positive Restructuring Process℠

Our Positive Restructuring Process℠ is a comprehensive and practical approach to minimizing risk and maximizing success during strategic organizational change. We begin each engagement by developing a deep understanding of your business, culture, strategy, and challenges. Based on your needs, we offer expertise in the areas of:

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