Infographic: 5 Reasons Employees Quit

Having retention issues? Check out this infographic from BPI group in Russia to understand the top five reasons employees quit – and how to deal with them. From a lack of professional development to a change in management or strategy, understanding what is driving employee attrition can help you target your retention efforts.

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Infographic: Jumpstart Your Career

Thinking about making a career change? Our latest "Jumpstart Your Career" infographic will help you reach the next step in your career, whether you're looking for a new role in your current company, or a new job at a new organization. Start by dedicating time to the career management and job search process, and follow the steps below to reach your career goal.

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Infographic: Length of an Executive Job Search

This infographic, "Length of an Executive Job Search," shares data from BPI group's latest Executive Employment Trends Report, including how the length of an executive job search is impacted by gender, education level and age. Our Executive Employment Trends Report analyses the job search trends of our executive outplacement clients, in order to offer visibility into the current executive job market.

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