May, 2011 - City of Chicago selects BPI group for outplacement services

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From City of Chicago: Chicago-based BPI group will provide outplacement services to exiting City of Chicago staff and cabinet members. Outplacement services will include job placement resources, skills training and job leads.

“We have professionals with a diverse skill set and want to provide those affected by this transition with the assistance and resources they need to succeed as well as reduce placement challenges they may face,” said Chicago’s chief of staff Raymond Orozco. “We chose BPI group because they provide the job search resources that lead to success and focus on job placement, not just outplacement.”

BPI group ( is a leading global management and HR consulting firm that has built a reputation for its ability to offer a different approach to outplacement services. BPI group has created a range of services designed to support the personal and professional needs of individuals as they prepare to transition from their current roles with the City of Chicago. The company’s innovative Search SuccessSM approach utilizes the latest in job search technology, provides personalized coaching, a comprehensive skills training program, as well as access to high quality job leads.

“These individuals served the city well and it is an honor and a privilege to be able to help,” said Juan-Luis Goujon, president and chief executive officer of BPI group.

Mayor Richard M. Daley’s administration is grateful for BPI group’s offer of assistance. “Mayor Daley has always said that public service is the greatest profession. The City of Chicago staff has served Chicago’s interests,” said Orozco. “We feel better knowing there is a comprehensive support of services in place for those who need it.”


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