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Got Fired? Here's What You Should Do Next, Business News Daily

Have you been fired or let go? BPI group's Steve Spires, Managing Director of Outplacement, shares the most important first step to take. Read more here.

When job interview hurdles turn into exploitation, Fortune Magazine

How far is too far? BPI group's Steve Spires, Managing Director of Outplacement, discusses why companies are putting in place more steps than ever to find the right person for the job. Click here to read more.

One on One with BPI group's Juan-Luis Goujon, Consulting Magazine

BPI group's Juan-Luis Goujon discusses how HR consulting firms can partner with large companies to overcome rapid change in an exclusive interview with Consulting Magazine. Click here to read more.

Employees: Just Own It!, Training Magazine

Getting employee buy-in is one thing, but getting to the next level of employee ownership is another. BPI group's Anne-Marie Fort talks with Training Magazine about how companies can move to the next level, and build employee commitment to job roles and company goals. Click here to read more.

Have you been at your job for 'too long'?, Fortune Magazine

How is your longevity in your company perceived by employers? BPI group's Managing Director of Executive Outplacement Services, Patricia Siderius, analyzes recent trends and dispels myths on the topic. Click here to read more.

Bringing MOOC's Back to Life, Chief Learning Officer Magazine

How can organizations increase employee engagement in MOOCs? BPI group's Judah Kurtz shares his thoughts with CLO magazine. Click here to read more.

Fired For The Holidays: Is It Acceptable For Businesses To Downsize In December?, Fast Company

BPI group's Steve Spires, Managing Director of Outplacement, gives his thoughts on whether downsizing during the holidays is ever appropriate. Click here to read more.

Fighting the ‘Hermit Crab Syndrome’, Human Resource Executive Online

BPI group's Karen Radtke shares her thoughts on how HR can instill a respect for new ideas by being a “culture-shaping champion." Click here to read more.


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